Energy Shift Update: A Huge time for Transformation!

This is a huge time of transformation! If you are on this crazy train you, you know it because you feel like you have been going off the rails, being challenged, and wondering what the smeg is going on. Even when you think you have found a foothold the energy is taking off again: sudden curves, feeling like your back on the same track but going in a somehow different direction with all the same scenery!


Are you ready? Your chakras or energy centers are reacting to the higher vibration of the earth’s surface. If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath ~ then this is your time to transform shining as the beautiful ascending soul you are!

This is your invitation to join The Collective Consciousness of Ascending Souls in receiving focused supportive energy to release stuck feelings that are holding you back from stepping into a free flowing space of self discovery and love.

This is a specialized meditation to open stuck energy channels, or chakras, and advance your ability to connect with Divine Love.

Click here to join the dimensional frequency upgrade.

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