Energy Shift Forecast January 29 to February 4, 2019 It’s Vision Quest time! Where are you headed?

It’s Vision Quest time! Where are you headed, and what is your perception of reality?

This week the energy is giving us space to create what we are going to experience! I think this is a great time to make a list of our desires, and where we see ourselves going in the next ten years!

This will lead you toward creating your own reality through manifesting. Listen now as Deanna shares a few steps:

What are the steps to manifesting anything you desire investing only a few minutes a day?

  1. You must be direct and clear about where you see yourself in the future.
  2. Make bold statements out loud envisioning your dream.
  3. Take specific actions.
  4. Follow your intuition
  5. Create support circle with those who are living your dream now.

Imagine putting all the new energies that are pouring into our reality to work for you. What would that be like? I have put together a workshop just to help make it a little easier for you. Here is the link if your curious.



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