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It’s Terrific Tuesday Live on Facebook and Instagram ~ Emotional Whirlwinds and Healing

If you’re anything like me you might feel a little strange this week as a new wave of energy is asking us to bring our focus toward emotional connection and re-inventing our safe place in the world.

I have met with many amazing sensitive people this week who are experiencing this vibrant creative energy, but are struggling with a deep resistance toward making the inner emotional connection there safe place.

And I can understand why, we have been taught to ignore the signals our body is sending us and play “nice” with others by stuffing our emotions.

The good news: there’s a different way. A way to listen to your body, release the stuffed emotions, and transition into a more balanced vibrant person.

Care to learn more? This vibrant creative energy is stirring up this week, and freely available for you to use. If you are ready to learn, join me tonight on Tuesday Night Live on Facebook or now Instagram. 

Claim your spot by clicking on  Facebook or now Instagram at 7:30 PM mountain time. Refresh the page until the live pops up.

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