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Energy Shift Update: February 19 to 25, 2019 Pisces at play, time distortion, & reshaping self!

There has been a great shift in the energy supporting our brave new world! For many of us we have been feeling stuck, yet propelled to move forward by an inner force or sense of self. The Piscean energy is asking us to move forward and let go of old physical pathways and expressions.

Are you feeling it also? Exploring the details, and shedding more light. . .watch now.

Here are some of the signs you may be encountering:

  • Feeling stuck and helpless to move forward
  • Everything around you is crumbling, or being ripped from your world
  • Feeling out of control
  • Experiencing a large amount of responsibility being dumped into your lap that has really always been there
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognizing who you are
  • Extremely high amounts of anxiety
  • Weird dreams, vivid dreams
  • time distortion, or sequence disruption

There are a few days left to enjoy the support of the uplifting and nudging energies. This will make it easier for you to let go and transition to a higher vibration attracting a great live experience. The new energy frequency healing technique I am using has been getting some pretty rave reviews.

“For over a decade I experienced chronic pain and it was diagnosed as bursitis. In the last few weeks I was advised to follow some exercises by my last doctor. I noticed a difference, to top it off I worked with Deanna. Our session brought up some feelings and emotions that I didn’t even recognize at the time. Now I’ve been working out with zero pain” B.W.

I think there will be room to get you in for a session, but be sure to get your time now by calling 303-964-9339 to secure your session time for Thursday, February 21, 2019,  or Friday February 22, 2019, or Saturday February 23, 2019. YES, the Saturday schedule is sure to fill up fast, so call now!

See you soon!


P.S. Are you feeling it also? Would you be willing to share your experiences on Facebook or YouTube? I would really enjoy hearing from you. It could be you who helps someone else know they are not alone. Thank you!

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