Month: March 2019

Reality is changing are you changing with it? or No?

Energy Shift Update March 19, 2019 The fluctuation of the energy is crazy! Mercury in retrograde is not helping ~ On the Facebook Tuesday Night Live the transmission went out twice, and was cut off early, luckily Instagram held true so here is the…

Energy Shift Update: March 12 ~ 18, 2019 The Portal and the Craziness

The portal that opened last weekend has opened up a huge connection to our future and where we desire to go! There are things that we have been holding onto that must be dealt with and balanced out. As you make this transformation there…

Energy Shift Update: March 5 to March 11, 2019 Is there something still missing?

All the pieces are coming together now.  If you are anything like me you may feel that there is something missing. You can see that your life is coming together, shifting, and you may be feeling like letting a few things go. However, you…

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