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Energy Shift Update: March 12 ~ 18, 2019 The Portal and the Craziness

The portal that opened last weekend has opened up a huge connection to our future and where we desire to go! There are things that we have been holding onto that must be dealt with and balanced out.

As you make this transformation there are somethings that simply will not fit through the eye of the needle, and the Universe is shaking things out for you to release. A the same time you will see new opportunities coming forward. As you know the Universe doesn’t like vacuum so this makes sense.

This week look for the energy to pick up and lift you toward your desired outcomes. There may be a few setbacks, so remember to breathe, drink plenty of water, and get some rest.

Venus in Retrograde is not helpful when it comes to decreasing frustration and giving us an easier way to get things done.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver, CO March 15 through 17th at the Denver Merchandise Mart located at I-25 and 58th street.

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