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Reality is changing are you changing with it? or No?

Energy Shift Update March 19, 2019

The fluctuation of the energy is crazy! Mercury in retrograde is not helping ~ On the Facebook Tuesday Night Live the transmission went out twice, and was cut off early, luckily Instagram held true so here is the video in case you missed it.

What is happening? A portal opened two week ago allowing the deepest part of our spiritual selves to connect with our conscious minds. Our physical minds are often trapped in beliefs, habits, and behaviors that keep us looping around and around in the same destructive cycles. The Spiritual mind that worked so diligently last year to release the shadow self is jumping up and down with glee ready to expand into a new dynamic future. The dance between the two is not perfectly in sync yet.

I know I am feeling it also. There is a part of me that wants to deny that a shift in my behavior would render happier results and propel my life forward in ways that would align me with the blessings already outlined for me by God / SPIRIT / Source. There is a part of me that is refusing to change because of the fear of what will happen if I do change. This seems silly I admit; however, it is our physical minds that are being asked to make the jump. The neural pathways are deeply invested in our current reality like it, or not. Asking them to make a transformation to what the spiritual mind can already see is a bit exhausting.

What you may be experiencing:

  • Emotional exhaustion
  • A new realization that the power to change your life is really in your hands
  • Awareness that you are telling yourself a story that literally IS your life. . . and you can change it
  • Money will fluctuate in your life depending on how you relate to it
  • Relationships are redefining themselves . . . this can be a good thing.
  • Realizing the support you are in need of right now is there and accepting it
  • Project are coming together as the best pieces are presented

Realization that this is part of the process can take more energy than you may currently have available. I will be at For Heaven’s Sake Books in Denver this Thursday and Friday. Appointment time are filling up quickly. Claim your spot right now by calling three zero three nine six four nine three three nine. I look forward to seeing you soon!


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