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Energy Shift Update March 26 to April 1, 2019 The Crazy Energy that is abounding!

The energy is changing swiftly, abruptly, and dynamically all at the same time! Can I get a thumbs up if you agree? Or post a comment below on what you are experiencing. Seriously this energy can cause great amounts of exhaustion and non mental clarity.

It is very challenging to processes all the changes to how our spiritual bodies and physical bodies are interacting. A portal opened about three weeks ago making a greater connection between us and the higher levels of consciousness. You could call this full on access to our higher selves, universal consciousness, and SPIRIT.

The exhaustion is coming from the higher frequency being emitted toward moving us along for our higher spirit consciousness and the freedom with the connection that that brings. Some of us are a little slow to answer the call so the divergent energies are continuing to build as we struggle to maintain clarity in the 3D world.

This weeks video makes it a bit easier to understand. Watch now to get the details for a contest to win a free session.


As we continue to evolve as beautiful beings on this earth, and become more aware of who we are, it is time to share our awareness with others. I invite you to share this information with an empath, or a highly sensitive person, who may be struggling to understand what is going on with them right now. This information is freely available to them, and your connecting them will help all of us. As each gifted person becomes more aware and awake, everyone benefits.

Blessings to you all this week.


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