How I healed my anxiety ❤️

Have you ever felt paralyzed by other people’s energy?
Or do you feel energy that triggers you to retreat, or abruptly lash out?
Does your mind go into negotiations in the morning about getting out of bed verses not getting out of the bed?
I have been there.

I am OFTEN asked how do heal your anxiety as an empath.

It is a journey that I embrace each day.

On the Live broadcast tonight, I will reveal first steps toward healing anxiety for all empaths and highly sensitive people.

I share what the healing experience feels like and can for you also.

I also have created a worksheet to inspire you to track and find all the energies that trigger anxiety. A hack sheet of empath energy drainers that I have found, and what I have done to kick them to the curb!

Terrific Tuesday, Inside Empath Anxiety, is Live now.

I am on this ever expanding – journey with you my lovely sensitive being.

And I am choosing a more loving space daily, and knowing you can too.

With Love and Grace,


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