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How it all got started ~ Energy Shift Update ~ And the Giveaway this Month!

Many years ago, when I first started my business, I realized that I was not the only one on the planet feeling the severe ups and downs of the energy waves. For a while I thought I was crazy, 😉 just plain nuts!

Working with so many clients, helping them through the tears, frustration, and confusion of being highly sensitive, or empathic, I realized that I was answering the same questions over and over again.

Questions about why they feel so much of other people’s pain, why do they absorb other peoples energy ~ even when they DO NOT want to, and do people seek them out when all they want to do is isolate and be left alone.

Those questions carried over to my tools of energy protection blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Does this sound a little familiar?

During the early years I focused on one person at time perfecting the processes of serving them in the quickest, most effective way possible.  After many years, I am now releasing a hack sheet for discovering and dispelling empath anxiety ( and yes, it absolutely works for Highly Sensitive Folks)

For the next few weeks I am giving the hack sheet to you as a gift, completely free . . . as you energy experts already know there is an energy exchange required to make any transference complete.  SO here is the deal. Download the hack sheet, and follow the instructions below to be entered in a giveaway. My little gift for you in helping to get the word out there to others just like you. 🎁

Click here to download the hack sheet.

Giveaway details:
    1. Leave a review of the hack sheet on the blog. Click here to post a comment.

Scroll all the way down to “reply”

  1. Screenshot and email  your comments to me (Comments don’t let me see an email to contact you).
  2. You’re Entered! (Winners will be chosen at random)
What are the prizes?
  1. Two Live Calls with me to ask anything about being psychic, an empath, energy, spirits, etc. The winners will be chosen Friday night.
  2. Two $20 gift certificates to For Heaven Sake’s Books.
  3. One – one hour personal energy clearing session with me.
Announcing the first round winners on Instagram (and emailing the recipients) on Monday.
Thank you in advance for the empath or highly sensitive person battling with anxiety who tunes in thanks to your recommendation.


Energy Shift this Week is Crazy!!!

  • Time distortion is super huge.
  • Battery life and light bulbs not business as usual
  • Sleep  . . . what’s that?

This weeks video gives you a look at the frequencies in color. Curious? Click play now.

Have a great week!


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