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Why are you so tired 😴 ALL the Time⁉ Let me share with you my hacks for empaths!

Let me share with you my best hacks for empaths and highly sensitive people! And We are on week 1! Check out the hacks to dispell other peoples negative energy right now! We are giving away a FREE one hour Session! Two gift cards for the store, and a couple of hot seats!

One of the biggest problems I found in being an empathic highly sensitive person was that I was so tired all of the time.

I couldn’t wait until it was 11 PM or later in the evening when everyone else was in bed to be able to relax and be myself.

It was when I really felt that I could breathe, relax, and spend some uninterrupted time with myself and my thoughts. I found myself resenting anyone who came into MY private space.

The world was quiet at the hour, the energy of the planet died down, and I wasn’t being worn down by that constant bombardment of waves and waves of negative energy.

Biggest problem: fatigue! The rest of the world seemed to thrive by beginning the day at 6:00 AM when I had only just begun to sleep, and I was expected to dance to their drum. 🤦‍♀️

My reality simply didn’t match theirs. So what was the solution? After years of being accused of “being late” for my 9 to 5 job, I began to discover what was draining my energy. I was so excited to finally find the answer, and I began to systematically cut off all of the energy drainers. 

Would you like to have access to the hacks to decrease stress, decrease anxiety, and feel rested with by step-by-step guidance?

And what if you received a personal hot seat with me to talk about all the ways in which you could own mindfulness instead anxiety?

Here is your opportunity now, SO l suggest you seize it.

Step One. Download the hack sheet.

Step Two. Bookmark this page.

Step Three. Use the worksheet for a couple of days. Return to this page and leave a “reply” telling me about your ah-ha moments! I can’t wait to hear about the immediate relief that you felt just knowing that it’s not “just you”! Be sure to screen shot your reply and email it to me because the comments don’t let me see an email to contact you.

Winners chosen at random and posted on my Instagram @ deanna gloyd.

What are the prizes?
  1. Two Live Calls with me to ask anything about being psychic, an empath, energy, spirits, etc. The winners will be chosen Friday night.
  2. Two $20 gift certificates to For Heaven Sake’s Books. One Left.
  3. One – one hour personal energy clearing session with me.
    Announcing the first round winners on Instagram (and emailing the recipients) on Monday.
    Thank you in advance for the empath or highly sensitive person battling with anxiety who tunes in thanks to your recommendation.

1 thought on “Why are you so tired 😴 ALL the Time⁉ Let me share with you my hacks for empaths!”

  1. Anita Galicia

    OMG Thank you Deanna!

    I needed this and didn’t even know it – so my first/biggest “ah-ha” moment is when I read this email lol. This came at a good time and reminded me why I feel drained and fatigued.

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