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Energy Shift Update May 14 to 20, 2019 Kicking Energy Drainers to the curb & Giveaway!🎁

BIG NEWS!!! I am giving away A FULL HOUR session this month!!

Hello to All my fellow Empaths and Highly Sensitive People!

This week’s energy shift update is calling us out on our stuff, and asking us “do we really need it”? It is time to kick energy drainers to the curb. I am talking people, places, and things! Time to Spring Clean our personal space 😎. But what does that look like? 👀

If you are tired all of the nonsense that seems to be unfolding in your life this week. . . then this weeks video is for you!

And we are on WEEK #2 of Our Giveaway, and one of the prizes is a one hour free energy clearing Session!!! This contest is reachable  and available to everyone – from the beginning sensitive to the more advanced.

Are your ready to take your energy shielding to the next level of awareness?

Let me show you a few hacks on how to access powerful energy shielding technique you can use right now.

Giveaway prizes include two personal hot seat about empath awareness and strength, a one hour personal session with me, and a gift certificate to For Heaven’s Sake Books.

Here is your opportunity now, there is nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

Step One. Download the hack sheet.

Step Two. Bookmark this page.

Step Three. Use the worksheet for a couple of days. Return to this page and leave a “reply” telling me about your ah-ha moments! I can’t wait to hear about the immediate relief that you felt just knowing that it’s not “just you”! Be sure to screen shot your reply and email it to me because the comments don’t let me see an email to contact you.

Winners chosen at random and posted on my Instagram @ deanna gloyd.

What are the prizes?
  1. Two Live Calls with me to ask anything about being psychic, an empath, energy, spirits, etc. The winners will be chosen Friday night.
  2. Two $20 gift certificates to For Heaven Sake’s Books. One Left.
  3. One – one hour personal energy clearing session with me.
    Announcing the first round winners on Instagram (and emailing the recipients) on Monday.
    Thank you in advance for the empath or highly sensitive person battling with anxiety who tunes in thanks to your recommendation.

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