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Empaths and Highly Sensitive People ~ It’s time ~Upgrade Shields!

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People are experiencing two times the shift energy, and it is time to make a simple choice.

In this video Deanna directly identifies why you are feeling the shifts so differently right now more than at any other moment in recent history.

Empaths and HSP’s are wired to experience energy movement more that the average left brained person, and therefore are experiencing a double dose of these recent magnetic frequency shifts.  Not only are our bodies resonating from the magnetic shifts, but we are also feeling the anxiety of those who are unaware of what is happening.

Here are the current symptoms being reported:

  • Unable to sleep for long periods of time
  • Acute insomnia
  • Increased thirst
  • A heightened sense of awareness
  • Intense desire to numb out
  • Prolonged levels of anxiety
  • Facing situations in a state of fight, flight, or frozen
  • Questioning long held beliefs
  • Displaced aggression

I know this may sound like a big dose of doom and gloom for sensitives, but it is really is a call to upgrade your shields. It is a call to honor yourself and your abilities. It’s time to turn the survive into thrive.

There is one simple way to navigate your way through these twist and turns, ups and downs, to minimize the full energy impact you are experiencing right now. Deanna will share that tomorrow night live on Facebook and Instagram at 7:30PM Mountain time. Bring a pen and paper, and invite another sensitive ~ after all you will be doing them a huge favor!

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