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Energy Shift Update: July 2, 2019 Logic & Emotions doing the tango!

For the logical mind the resonate frequency of the planet is causing a magnetic pull shifting the brain hemispheres between the left and the right. You can decide what to think, if you should think, or just numb out.

For the heart mind we are at the end of our rope of feelings and situations that are  no longer nurturing our souls.

This shift is asking both parts (the left and the right hemispheres) to let go of what is not working, and embrace with clarity a new space that will bring a more uplifting and balanced life.

This weeks video is lengthy, so I will soon be switching to a live platform once a week for questions and demonstrations, and a separate platform for more lengthy and juicy discussions. Share this post now with other who are feeling crazy and ready to explode. At least they will have some traction in understanding.

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