Dynamic Shifts shake us to the bone! Discount Pricing on Friday! 😇

Big Bold and Beautiful changes are happening in the Universe and you are invited!
We are making big changes👀  here at Tools of Energy Protection to keep step with the dynamic shifts in the Universe and You!
As a highly sensitive person or empathy your beingness naturally changes with the natural biological frequency of the earth. This frequency and can heal, repair, and rejuvenate itself more efficiently when your personal energy space is less clogged and more receptive.
We are adding new tools to the website that you will find under personal appointments, and each week Deanna will share tools you can use immediately and for the coming week.
This weeks video includes three tools as well as a prayer sending comfort to those who were impacted by the California earthquakes.
Watch now:
Deanna will be at the bookstore this Thursday and Friday July 11 and 12th. Special pricing is available on Friday✨Imagine yourself unleashing your hidden creative powers within a few minutes! Call to begin creating your new reality today 303-964-9339. You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. 💖

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