ESU: Lunar Eclipse and how it affects your health, relationships and day to day activities

Energy Shift Update July 16, 2019  Today was a partial lunar eclipse which means that the positive energy is filling in where there has been health and healing! This is an uplifting energy pushing us toward more closures in our lives. . giving way to new beginnings.

Deanna takes a few moments to share this weeks tools to progress through this week. Watch now:

Lunar Eclipse effects on your health – stay hydrated as here in the USA we are experiencing summer, and some of us without air conditioning. It is a great idea to check your alkalinity, and take the proper support vitamins for your body type.

Personal relationships are also being settled by breaking through former barriers that kept the relationship stagnate: new directions, forgiveness, and  or closure of old habits are common. Other relationships are at their ruddy end and it is best to let go of them no matter how difficult it may be. Holding on to old things stops God from bringing new and better things in.

Wild dreams, trouble getting to sleep, and waking up feeling off or fearful are some of the symptoms of the is recent shift.

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