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The long stretch toward change, how can you take the short cut?

Energy Shift Update July 23, 2019 The Long stretch toward change, and how can you take a short cut?

Welcome to the New Normal ~ that is until you let go!

The recent energy shift have sent quite a few people running like a storm chaser too close to a tornado! Whoo!

However, All is not lost as there is a secret to getting though these energy shifts. Each shift requires the command of our ability to sense what is going on, identify where is is coming from, and heal the hurt being reflected to us. Now that may sound like quite the task,  but in this weeks video a dazzling array of energy tools create a clear path toward your best options for a short cut!

What have you been waiting for, the most powerful energy shifting tool available today is the Crystalline Energy Shield! It surpasses anything  I have ever experienced before. You have choices in life. One is to remain the way you are right now, and the other is to live a life full of new possibilities. The Crystalline Energy Shield provides a more relaxed state and raise your comfort level during these transitions.

Here is your perfect opportunity. Click here to book online.

Or if you are in the Denver, Colorado area dial three zero three, nine six four, nine three three nine during standard business hours to book an appointment at For Heaven Sake’s book. This Friday, July 26, 2019 discount session rates will be available ~ reserve your spot before they are all gone.

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