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Energy Shift Update: Are you going crazy or is it everyone else?

Energy Shift Update: July 30 to August 5, 2019

Hello Everyone! Do you feel like your going crazy? Or is everyone else 🚘 driving you crazy????  Welcome to the latest energy shift!

This one is a real attention getter! It is calling you out on your deep dark stuff that hurts to look at. 🖐 I have been told by marketing expert that I shouldn’t use words like anger, anxiety, hurting, and phases like this is gonna suck 🎬😒 because people are not drawn to the things they are trying to get away from.

Well that is what I am here for 👉 to share the truth even when it is gonna hurt. Why??? Have I gone crazy? Well . . .Okay, that’s a no for now. . . I have been given the opportunity through my connection with God / SPIRIT / Source to share information about the source of your discomfort. In this weeks video I get to the core root of the pain, and how to see the other side of the pain so you can pass this test and embrace more joy and more passion in your life. Ready?

Every aspect of our being is brought into check, and it can be challenging to change.

However, with a unique combination of your own inner work and the releasing of old energy, you will gain the edge to accelerate  the healing process. You will experience more of what life is truly about.

Don’t take my word for it. Allow yourself to experience it. Feel it. Decide for yourself. Everyone needs a little help sometimes 👉 click here for an initial consult. See you soon!

Tomorrow the basic dowsing class in Denver starting at 7 PM. If you are ready to take the leading edge in energy work ~ this experience will knock your socks of. Click here. to register for the July 31,2019 class.

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