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ESU: Weird Relationships and finding Inner Peace, an unmistakable luxury?

Energy Shift Update August 6, 2019 to August 12, 2019

We are taking relationships to a new level this week. What has been in the past is done, and a new level of inner peace is beginning to shine through.

  • Have you been experiencing days of great heights in energy, followed by days of extreme lows?
  • Is your mental clarity unmistakable one moment, then difficult in the next?
  • Does your health seem to have a direct relationship with your emotions, or times during the day?
  • Are sleep patterns unrelenting to a normal pattern

This weeks video reveals a new tool, a road trip, and upcoming specials for this week. Watch now.

The weird relationship is finding a new place of inner peace. The old energy patterns we have clung to for years have been unplugged, the energy source shut down. If you do not move forward and find a new place to align yourself with Divine Energy, the result with be emptiness. It is no fun to feel lost or stuck, I can help. Your next step is only one click away. 

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