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Energy Shift Update Aug. 19-25, 2019 Mastering a New Energy!

Hello Everyone! The new energy is here and bringing us to the realization that we have mastered certain aspects of our lives, and it is time to experience something new!

If you think about it there are old patterns and beliefs that you have suddenly become more aware of that seem worn out, or even tired. In case you are ignoring them successfully and have no idea what I am referring to – have a close look at the relationships with yourself. Are you feeling good? Are you doing things to self sabotage? Are you going back to the same thing different day kind of routine when other more appealing opportunities are presenting themselves?

Breaking out of old patterns can be difficult, I know I have been there too. So let me ask you a question, are you ready to stop hurting, are you ready to expand into a more full evolving life? What if you could look back a year from today and say “YES!” this is the day I chose a new energy to master? This is the day I said yes to the time is now!

Let’s to this together this Thursday, August 22 or Friday August 23 at For Heaven’s Sake in Denver. Call 303-964-9339 grab your spot before they are all gone. Think about it this way, when we work together we become a united force to facilitate change. If you could have done this alone, you already would have. 😉

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