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Fearless or fearful? Rolling with the energy waves. New 12 star healing technique.

Hello Everyone! Fearless or fearful? Are you rolling with the energy waves? Things just got easier with the New 12 Star Method ~ Early Registration Opens on Friday!

If you do anything bold this year, this is the ONE THING to not miss!

This week the energies are making a bold new turn, and releasing the pressure you have been feeling over the last week. A rich range of new energies are being made available through the connection to twelve stars that are adding a special feature to energy work. These changes make it easier than EVER to alter the basic frequency rate of your genetic makeup.  I share the details in this weeks message, click to watch now.

With a combination of true entrepreneurial spirit and a nudge from God / SPIRIT / Source, I am opening the door on this new technique that combines energy clearing and bioelectromagnetism this Friday. For those who are willing to move forward on the leading edge, there will be a considerable discount on all twelve sessions.

I have personally been working with this energy over the last week and have experienced huge shifts in my ability to manage and dispel anxiety, shift.✨ my thinking about wealth management, and stop negative thinking in its tracks💫

Now the results have not been release though the testimonials of clients because it is too soon for that. So if you would like to stop struggling, achieve a higher level of consciousness, and potentially decrease pain in your body, then get ready for the link to sign up this Friday. Do not miss out on your opportunity to become one of the first twenty five people to experience this wonderful healing modality.

So far the twelve star healing technique has zeroed in on the genetic made up of anxiety, wealth management, and repetitive negative thinking. If you have been struggling with any of these energies, do not miss out on your opportunity to become one of the first twenty five people to feel this simple yet effective technique. All the details, perks, and benefits will be release this Friday on my website, and email.

Have a great week! Big Hugs,

3 thoughts on “Fearless or fearful? Rolling with the energy waves. New 12 star healing technique.”

  1. I’m interested in the 12 star method. What does it entail? I live in Breckenridge. I would like to come see you on the 31st too. Going on For Heavens Sake website now.

    1. Hello Keli! The 12 Star Method is a series of energy frequency shifts based on your individual requirements and healing challenge. Shoot me a quick email with the best time to reach you. deanna [at] toolsofenergyprotection

  2. If this doesn’t take loads of time I would be interested in your healing technique. I normally ride the wave just fine but have had crippling anxiety lately. I am so glad to see it was energetic, I was wondering what on Earth was going on!(besides menopause!)

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