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The Energy Medicine of the Future has just arrived! 🙌

The New 12 Star Method

The Energy Medicine of the Future has just arrived and only a small group will lead the path in experiencing this exclusive first taste!

So far this energy alignment is taking a bold new turn in releasing the pressure you have been feeling with the recent energy shifts.  A rich new range of mangnetic frequencies are being made available through the connection with the twelve star system, these frequencies have not been see or experienced in 200 years.

So far the benefits have been:

  • increased mental clarity
  • fatigued turned to deep peaceful sleep
  • reduction in anxiety episodes
  • enhanced feeling of self love and self awareness

As I shared earlier, I have personally been working with this energy over the last week and have experienced huge shifts in my ability to manage and dispel anxiety, shift.✨ my thinking about wealth management, and stop negative thinking in its tracks💫

The 12 Star Healing Technique accesses a new rich range of energies that make it easier to alter the basic frequency rate of your genetic make up. Two clients that I have already share this technique with felt instantly lighter, and huge relief from continual worry.

I am now looking for 25 empathic or highly sensitive volunteers who are ready to embrace an emotional, physical, or mental enhancements. If you are open to receiving 12 up leveling energy improvements, ready to implement cogitative exercises, and share your experiences, then this is for you.

I am only accepting 25 applicants into this program so that I can devote my special attention to them. Are you ready?

Here is what to expect:

  1. A questionnaire asking about where you currently are and where it is you desire to be. I will also ask you how you are feeling stuck and what you would like to see in order to move forward and consider this experience a success.
  2. A total of 12 energy sessions. One (1) hour session, and eleven (11) half hour sessions. These session will span a total of six months (including September). 1 hour session valued at $111. Half hour session valued at $55. Total discounted rate of $650.
  3. A written evaluation of what gene or chromosomes are not in energetic alignment with your desired outcome in health, emotions, or physical body.
  4. Each time we meet you will receive a direct energy shift and connection with the uplifting energy. You DO NOT HAVE TO be in the same room with me to receive the treatment.

Get started by clicking here to register to apply. Buy Now Button with Credit CardsONLY the first 25 applicants will be excepted into this leading edge energy medicine technique. If you miss out now you will have to wait until it is ready for public release.

A monthly payment option is available by clicking here.  Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

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