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ESU: Sept 24-30, 2019 Energy Shifts are making us feel crazy, fatigued, & unsettled.

Energy Shift Update for September 24-30, 2019 ~ Are you feeling crazy, fatigued, and unsettled? These shifts are tough and getting us to see straight through to the darker part of ourselves. No, I am not talking about shadow work – I am talking about dark work. Shadow work is generally looking inward at the darker part of ourselves that need or require healing so that we can move forward in our lives. Dark work is what I am calling this new level of shadow work it goes deep within the subconscious mind and into the very genetics of who we are. In this weeks video I discuss the dark work and how you can move through it. Watch now:

Are you are ready to take a leap of faith and discover what it feels like to have your genetic code for emotions shifted? Be a part of this ground breaking work that few people are talking about – or even know about. The future has arrived and the tool now is available. No one else is taking about this yet.Together we are shaping the future. Click here  to get started now! I am limiting this to the first twenty five people to register ~ spaces are filling up fast so click now and be part of this  unifying spirit.

I have one things to ask of you. This is such leading edge work, and everyone can benefit, so do not keep this to latest energy technology to yourself. It could be the very tool that changes the game for your friends and loved ones.

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