It’s getting a little nuts~feelings and emotions are all over the place.

Hi Lovely Sensitives!
 It’s getting a little nuts here on planet earth! The vibrational frequency is transformatively all over the place! Time to relax, take it all in, and choose what creates a more peaceful place in your life.
Can you imagine a peaceful space 💞 with like minded sensitive people that you could really connect with? A safe place to ask questions, and share experiences without feeling like the weirdo?😎 The Sensitive Fight Club is now forming ~ and soon ready for instant access. ✨
There is an energy build up like never before. The placement of the full moon in Aries♈  is asking us to choose between fear and love. We, as sensitives, have been infected for years with messages of not being good enough, being to sensitive and told to suck it up and get over it.  We have suffered in school, the workplace, and other social situations because sensitives process EVERYTHING ~ and often all at the same time. It is overwhelming! This weeks video is to help you become a rock star instead of the shadow on the wall, click play now:
The heartbeat of the earth from May 19, 2019 (pictured below) shows a flow to the shifts in the electromagnetic frequency with some short and sustained spikes. Sensitives we able to catch a break in short intervals to catch sleep and become more self aware.

The heartbeat of the earth October 8,2019 (pictured below) shows a narrow focus of energy with shorter upsurges. That is what we are feeling now, and why we are feeling emotions all over the place.

Are you feeling all over the place? An Energy Atonement brings a calm and peaceful feeling. Come and receive some peace click here to get started now.   Establish your peaceful place. ✅

😘 Deanna

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