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🙋‍♀️It’s Terrific Tuesday, Live Mediumship Reading and Energy Shift Update!

We are making beautiful bold new changes here at tools of energy protection for💞 all sensitives🙋‍♀️ everywhere!

Tuesday night live, currently at 7:30 PM mountain time on Facebook, is transitioning to offering you more information each week about Angels, Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, shielding yourself against demon attack, and how to dispel a spell or curse.

The Energy Shift Update will be included at the beginning of Tuesday night live to answer your questions about the tools, essential oils, and stones that were recommended on the weekly Energy Shift Forecast . The Energy Shift Forecast will give you the information for the week ahead instead waiting until Tues for the update.

And the best part is that you can watch the Energy Shift Forecast on😎      👉  Roku and Amazon Fire 👈. If you are new to tools of energy click here to preview the Energy Shift Forecast for free.

This week Deanna offered free medium readings live, and included a discount code to grab a session on Thursday.

If case you missed it, the link to book online is here.

Deanna is currently creating a webinar on narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths and how they are related to empaths! You will be amazed at how they are related and why. The announcement for registration will be made on all social media sights, here, and email. To pick your favorite delivery device click here.

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