🤦‍♀️Is Reality Setting in for you yet? 🤷‍♂️ Snatch up Angel Gallery tickets.

💥BAM! Did you feel the energy shift on Tuesday night? Did your electronics go wiggy? Venus retrograde doesn’t play nice with the full moon that is for sure! It even messed with me 🙄. How?
I had such a great response on Facebook live yesterday, my heart 💖 was full, and I cried with tears of joy. I could feel  many of you rushing to get your Angel Gallery Group Reading ticket for $10, and then BAM! The registration system got jammed and would not accept any more ticket purchases.  🎟
I was so heart broken as I had made it clear that I was only accepting a limited amount of folks, and the event would be sold out quickly. So there are a few thinking they missed it. Well, that is not true. I spend hours working with the system, and finally was able get things up and running again. 🙌
Yeah! So If you are as relieved as I am that there is still space available click here to get your ticket now!
And heads up ~ there is a new reality that is settling in that literally shifting time and space. For the last three days I felt like time was elongating, and the quickening. This is a time of adjustment for those who are awake, have been awake, or are awakening for the first time. Time distortion is sorting us according to our measured perception of worth and self value.
Are you feeling this too?
I will be at For Heaven Sake’s books in Denver November 14 from 11 AM to 5 PM. Come by and get a hug. Tell me what is happening in your world.
Big Hug!

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  1. I paid now I am not sure where to go Saturday for the online.

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