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It’s Terrific Tuesday ~ Tips for difficult family situations during the holidays.

Hello My Lovelies!

We are coming up on the holidays and can be facing difficult and stressful family situations. For those of us that experienced a less than stellar upbringing, or were raised in an emotionally toxic environment, this time of year can be particularly stressful.

If you are bless with a wonderful emotionally well adjusted family count yourself blessed.

On this video I share a few of the tactics practiced by toxic people that will eat away at your self-esteem, and how awareness will help you to move through difficult family situations.

The Energy Shift Forecast for December can be found here. Super excite to be on Vimeo!
Thursday and the last Friday the 13th of 2019 ~ I will be at For Heaven Sake’s Books in Denver, call 303-964-9339 to book.
Big Hug! And I will see you next Tuesday🎄

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