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It’s🙋‍♀️ Terrific Tuesday! Tonight at 4:00 PM ✨Countdown to🕚 2020 👈

I am super excited for tonight, Tuesday December 31,2019!
It is that crazy time that we have been looking forward to all year 🕚👉2020👈!
If you anything like me your super excited to see what the new decade will bring. I have been waiting for 2019 to come to a close because it seems that for the last decade we have been on the super highway to change, the crazy train of emotions, and the tsunami of energy frequency shifts.
When I look back it all seems like such a blur, and yet there are some poignant changes, transformations, and wonderful discoveries as well.
Our world sits in a position for significant evolution. It is super important that we purify our connection with God / SPIRIT / Source, and strengthen our sense of self.
Our spirit bodies; as well as, our soul’s DNA is being altered to a higher level of consciousness. Some of the symptoms are physical aches and pains, dietary changes, and the urge to clean our homes. And this is only the beginning.
There is a huge separation coming this year between those that are in awareness of these higher frequencies, and those that are not. I will be sharing and channeling information tonight, Tuesday, December 31,2019 at 4PM Mountain time on Facebook live.
Click here to join us live.

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