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🙋‍♀️ It’s Terrific Tuesday ~ You might be a Sensitive if . . .

In today’s new video, I am talking with you about “You might be a Sensitive if . . .”

If you are newly discovering that people actively seek you out to listen to the drama in their lives over and over again without changing their story. . .you might be a Sensitive.

If it takes you a long period of time to recover from interacting with certain personality types, large crowds, or your workplace . . . you might be a Sensitive.

If you find yourself feeling like your not being heard when you share your feelings and state your boundaries . . you might be a Sensitive.

The problem is that when presented with these continually draining experiences you begin to doubt yourself, and feel that your life is without purpose.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Wait. What? Why would you say that?

As always, there is a divine purpose to your life, a reason you have your beautiful gifts. Here is how your gifts are exploited without you even being aware. . .until now (watch this):


Seeing yourself as a listening ear, a soft place to land, or an advice giver is a good indicator that you are a sensitive person. Your talent  and your life purpose have literally been right under your nose.

The challenge is to create save boundaries so that you feel safe, energetic, and loved. So that you can then live within your life purpose joyfully, freely, and energetically.

How could you possibly say no to that?

Maybe you have a fear of not being needed once you establish safe boundaries? (No one will need me or find me interesting).

Maybe you fear not having a relationship once you stop having circular conversations? (Situations would be solved, and you would be free to move on in your life).

Maybe you fear having freedom, energy, and free time? (What are you without your suffering?)

No matter how much we time we spend thinking about the possible outcomes of what is going to happen, or try to breath life into worst-case scenarios, there is actually a higher likelihood that we will end up feeling better, much lighter, and less exhausted. That is if we take the right actions to move toward healing ourselves, if we get the right help.

Now I would like to invite you to write down all the reasons that you feel blocked from moving forward. What are your top five energy drainers? Is it a place, a relationship, or feeling like your not being heard?

It’s your turn to be heard. You have known for some time that a transformation was needed. It is time to say yes to your life as a beautiful and empowered Sensitive.

Perhaps we should talk.

Send your story and your two best times that we can get together by phone to tools of energy protection at gmail dot com. You can also click here.

🤗 Deanna

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