3 Way to Know if your Life Partner is your Soulmate (or not) 💞

1. Intensity in the Connection.velvet heart

A soulmate is connect to your through a spiritual consciousness and involves intense feelings of the heart and mind. This kind of relationship can seem alluring and downright addictive, however, the intensity rarely last past a year or two. If this connection endures the test of time, and you both have grown emotionally during your time together, there is a possibility that the connection will last and transform into a lifetime partnership.

2. Are you learning life lessons?

A soulmate enters your life to help you learn about the value you place on self-love. If your are involved with a soulmate you may feel that they fill you up with love, and you will never feel empty again. The challenge comes when the soulmate pulls back and the initial intensity dies down. If you experience yourself attempting to do a number of silly things to try to get that feeling back to stop the empty feeling inside, then you are dating a soulmate. The challenge is learning to love yourself, and know that your life partner will require space from time to time.

3. Timing

Soulmates have contracts to meet up with us during various times in our lives. A soulmate shows up when we need a nudge, or more likely a butt kick, in the right direction. Think about where your life was headed, what your goals were, or what you did not have in your life before your soulmate showed up. If this meeting dramatically changed your life, and send you into a face to face meeting with a life lesson, then this is likely a soulmate. Life partners show up once we have completed certain lessons and are ready to focus on a healthy relationship.

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