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🙋‍♀️ Terrific Tuesday ~ Are you having trouble sleeping?

I am dropping in today to answer a question that I have been receiving: “Why can’t I sleep?”

If you are having not been sleeping well over the last few days or weeks, then ask yourself:

  • Do I feel responsible for other people’s feelings? With a deep need to fix it? Or make it right?
  • Are People seeking you out to share their drama?
  • Are you soaking up other people’s emotions like a sponge?

So what is happening? Yo uae being awakened to love yourself. And that means drawing boundaries with yourself and others while the planet transforms itself.

If you have been saying to yourself deep down inside I can’t do this anymore, then listen to today’s video for some answers on how to shift yourself back into sleep:

The vibration of love is at its highest and most powerful frequency. As the volume gets higher it reminds us of the love within that helps us to manifest all of our dreams.

Imagine creating better health, a more focused life purpose, and an increased spiritual awareness.

If you are stuck, let’s get you to the next level of awareness together. Let’s help you get some peaceful rest. Click here to take the next step. 

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