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Coronavirus Shield Activation

Prayer, mediation, and unplugging from the news media is a great place to start.
A live session when the virus first came out and I introduced the shield.

The Corona Virus Shield Activation is for you if:

You find yourself wanting to have peace of mind, feel more safe and secure, without picking up the fear of others?
You are asking yourself: “Why am I feeling anxious? Picking up the energy of others when I go to the grocery store? Or anywhere else in pubic?”
Are wondering why your shields that have been working for years are suddenly – not.
The Corona Virus shield is simple, yet effective, way to balance your current energy and create more resiliency. You will have complete control and understand how it works once it has been installed.


“I felt completely different, it’s amazing, my anxiety went down immediately.” Ann in Denver

“I didn’t feel as tired as I have several days before, an amazing difference.” Collette in Michigan

How do you get into this fabulous event?

Dates? Available either May 16, 2020 or May 30, 2020

When? Click the button above, select the date, times available will appear.

How you attend? Zoom, and online platform. You can also attend via a phone, tablet, or laptop. A link will be send via email when you register.

Original Article continues below:

Who is most at risk?
Highly Sensitive people,  and empaths are being greatly affected.
What can you do? 

Prayer, mediation, and unplugging from the news media is a great place to start. Pace yourself with the news so that you are informed and aware.

Still not working for you?
You can claim your power back now. Eliminate Confusion😊 Feel less bombarded by the energy of others🙌
Get your powerful energy shield now 👉Click here to purchase👈

What to expect at the shield activation event

👉A new level of energy shields will be given to you.
👉You will feel lighter, more uplifted, and energetic.
👉A new connect will be established with your Divine Guidance.
👉Save Money (Due to the virus outbreak, a temporary discount is being offered $111.00 now $39.00).

Click here to register now before the seats reach capacity. book online

  1. Click the buy now button to register for the event.
  2. Register using your name and email.
  3. Sunday morning May 03, 2020 you will receive and invitation to attend the live event.
  4. A link will be provided for you to connect via Zoom ~ livestream video event.
  5. The Live Event will be held on Sunday Morning  May 16, 2020 at  9 AM Mountain time.

Can make it? Click here for email notification of the next event.

 BONUS: For each member of your family that views the live video, they will also receive the shield. No extra charge. It’s on me.

Register now!

book online

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