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Coronavirus ~ Ways to unplug from the mass hysteria

Here are a few ways to unplug or shield from the mass hysteria.👇
Do you find yourself wanting to have peace of mind, feel more safe and secure, without picking up the fear of others?
Have you been asking yourself why am I feeling anxious? Picking up the energy of others when I go to the grocery store? Or anywhere else in pubic?
👉Are you ready to unplug from the mass hysteria? If the answer is yes, try these simple things:


  • Take a bath in Epsom salts, add lavender, or other calming essential oil.
  • Visualize four columns of white light surrounding your home, then a white ball of light in the center that expands outward dissolving all negative energy.
  • Make positive statements about how healthy you, how great your food taste, how healthy you are, how wonderful and clean the water you drink is.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get extra sleep, or take naps.
  • When you feel anxiety ask yourself: does this belong to me? If not, release the energy in a bubble back toward the sun.
  • Go outside and sit under a tree, or take a walk. If this is not possible sit in a sunny window, talk to a plant. (It works).
🤦‍♀️Tried it already and not working?

Stop reading right now and take a breath.

This is a time of great awakening.  So there are going to be some birthing pains as the collection consciousness of the planet shifts. 
Who is most at risk?
Highly Sensitive people,  and empaths are being greatly affected.

What can you do? 

Prayer, mediation, and unplugging from the news media is a great place to start. Pace yourself with the news so that you are informed and aware.

Still not working for you?

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