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Special invitation to join us on Facebook for the Sensitive Fight Club. We are exploring the current energies and creating awareness through action and connection. Click here now to join. 
Here is a sample of today’s post.👇
🧙‍ Today’s mission for sensitives is to begin a journal and make short notes about how you are feeling every hour to two hours.
Schumann’s frequency scale from today and yesterday show the fluctuations of the critical frequencies in the ionosphere.
These fluctuations can cause ups and downs in our moods as the body responds to the changes in our magnetic environment.
Best practices are to know why you are feeling things that you are in response to the planet that we live on. Education and awareness are key.
This is but one aspect to what is happening.














Love and hugs to everyone. If you have a question you would like answered, let’s get together for virtual coffee. Click here to schedule. There is no charge.

See you soon!

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