🤪 Good Afternoon! Crazy Energies bring restless feelings . . .


The high level of electromagnetic energy has been pulsing for the last few days very heavily. Have a look at the charts from last 15 days. There is a pattern developing. My understanding is that there will be 6 cycles of 12 days burst. Get ready for 72 days more riding the energy surf.

Here is the latest chart from 10:00 AM 05/01/2020. There is another burst coming as indicated by looking at the right hand side of the chart. 

Here are the affects that folks are reporting and feeling:

  • unexplained headaches
  • long periods of anxious feeling that defy explanation
  • feeling physically heavy in your body
  • reviewing past mistakes in your mind and heart – having regrets
  • not being able to sleep
  • weird and explainable dreams
  • taking naps in the afternoon
  • night sweats
  • very thirsty
  • sudden urge to each fresh veggies and less meat
  • going long periods with little to no desire to eat
  • feeling like you need to shower or bath several times a day

What can you do?

Drink plenty of water, stay away from caffeine, stretch as much as you can, rest when you need to.

For a step by step self care shielding process join us Saturday May 02,2020 at 9:00 AM Mountain time.

Register here: https://toolsofenergyprotection.com/2020/04/24/get-your-awakening-attunement-right-here/

Here is what to expect. A guided meditation to connect with your spirit guides, a step by step worksheet and instruction on anchoring yourself to better ride the energy pulses, and a short Q&A session.

See you soon!

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