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Should you look new normal in the eye?

What does the new normal mean for Empath’s and Highly Sensitive People?

If you anything like other sensitive’s, you are feeling the anxiety of the collective consciousness, and doing the best you can to hold yourself up as you comfort others.

You feel unsure, anxious, and wondering if it is okay to come out again. You have been wondering if your perceptions of the outside world are real, or just a conglomerate of the new and social media post you have read.

You may have been feeling a sense of dread wondering when the “other shoe” is going to drop. Have you felt restless knowing there is something bigger happening and wondering if what you are feeling is real? Perhaps you are hearing, seeing, or sensing things that other’s around you seem unaffected by. And if that is true then yes, there is a reason.

God is calling his army. As the rest of the world is coming out of stasis wondering what is going to happen next, God / SPIRIT / Source is calling his spiritual warriors. Those who have been abiding in the spiritual mind know that to truly be alive is to live in the now. This is called mindfulness. The people of the world are being asked to live in a state of constant mindfulness, relinquish control, and know that they are loved.

Imagine that you knew exactly how to achieve being both spiritually minded and grounded in the now. Imagine that you awoke each day without anxiety, depression, or on high alert. Each day you had a sword and a shield to cut away fear and doubt in an easy and effortless manor. Instead of absorbing negative energy, creating a day that is peaceful, purpose filled, and balanced.

What would that feel like? I am getting this question almost daily, and here is what I recommend (and yes, lots and lots of laughter is always a good thing).

Staying calm and centered works if you know how to tune into your inner voice correctly, accept your spiritual awareness, and practice your skills daily.

If you’re ready to stop struggling, embrace life with courage, and get answers to what keeps you awake at night, then join me here Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 9:00 AM mountain time.

Mark your calendar, then sue the link below to join us (if you’re not already a member, request access now by clicking on the link below, so you don’t miss a thing when I go live):

=> Join me in the Sensitive Fight Club Facebook Group <=

I’ve put together some powerful content, and I’ll stay to take your questions as well.

And of course, there is no charge for this. All goodwill.

Oh, and yes, if you miss the live broadcast, the recording will stay up in the Facebook group for you to watch at any time. But if you want to ask me your questions and get personalized feedback, make sure to tune in live using this link.



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