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How do you protect, nurture, and shield your energy?

Juggling so much right now ~ and SO over it! Fatigue over the last few days has been a bit overwhelming, and I am ready for a little R&R from all of the energy shifts. 

Check out the Schumann Resonance Frequency from today, June 09,2020.

Schumann Frequency June 09,2020.

How do you protect, nurture, and shield your energy?💜 Join me now, and watch how these energies add a little comedy to a Facebook live. LOL!

If your juggling a lot right now (working at home with kids ~ like me) no summer camp, or a spouse who doesn’t understand work share.

My desire is to lovingly urge you to do what ever it takes to create some uninterrupted time to join me for some training. This is the time to work on your spiritual self and gifts. This will pay off now and in the future. Will you join me?

Click here to join the Sensitive Fight Club for free training on Wednesday June 10,2020.

More information and resources can be found here

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