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Angels👼, Ancestors🧓, and Ascension🙌

Hello Beautiful Soul!
It is so important that we stay the course right now, and I know it is super challenging!

The stakes are high as this planet shifts into a new frequency. What does that mean? Well it means that the human body being transformed to resonate at a higher level of awareness called 5D.

Have you hear of 5D? It is not the same as 5G . . .funny how the current reality is doing all it can to cover up the truth by providing a false belief and screaming it into main stream media. I mean seriously, how much more obvious could they be? 🙄

So . . .it is time for a visual, time to teach, and time to show off my COVID-19 (the extra 19 pounds from quarantine) ~ watch this video to see how the ancestors and angels are guiding you during this time. 

Angels, Ancestors, and Ascension

Angels and Ancestors are giving us guidance everyday! 
Our Angels are bringing us messages constantly to help us know where to go, where to turn, and how to navigate the negative energies ~ if we are willing to listen. 

It is important to seek out mentors that are on the leading edge of what to do, and where to go. However, it is more important that you tune into that compass that is right within you. It is the most direct channel to the most accurate advice that you can find.

As someone who’s been at this a long time, I can assure you right now that:

  • It is normal as a human being to feel lost right now
  • It is normal as a sensitive to feel isolated when deciding what your next move is
  • it is normal as an empath to doubt yourself as to what your next step should be
  • It is not usual to have no clue what action to take next.

For 20 years I have encouraged my students and clients to seek out teachers that have been there, done that. 👉Let me be real ~ no one has been HERE and done THIS! This is tough! 👈

If after watching this video, you know that you are ready to seek the truth, act upon what you learn, and calibrate your inner compass then join me here
The inner compass is real, it is within you. Do you recognize it? Discover the power, the peace of mind, and the assurance. Click here to join me now. . . if you are ready. 

As a reminder I will be on Facebook Live Tuesday, July 14,2020 at 7:30 PM Mountain time. Here is the link. Click follow, and make sure your setting are turned on for Facebook notifications. 😊 I will be talking about time distortion – loss of time 🕒🕕🕘- length of time – and why is this happening?

Schumann Resonance 07/08/2020

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