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Time Distortion and Schumann’s Resonance – Are you sleeping?

The heartbeat of the earth, a.k.a. Schumann Resonance, is showing a very high level of activity over the last few weeks. Little wonder since Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are re-arranging themselves. 

This week this shift in frequency has wrecked havoc on our perception of time and space. How does that happen? Listen as  Deanna reveals the scientific information in today’s video.

Time Distortion and Schumann’s Resonance what do they reveal about time perception?

The scientific link on NeuroQuantology can be found here after clicking on the link and scroll down to Schumann Resonance and Brain Waves: A Quantum Description to read the article. In the video I reference page 198 (It’s the third page in the journal).

Schumann’s Resonance 07/13/2020

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