Victory Begins in the Dark

My beautiful sensitive people – empaths, highly sensitive people, lightworkers – your victory begins now! It begins in the dark.

Have you been feeling an overwhelming sense of dread over the last few weeks. A sense of looming especially in the evenings? A student of mine called me one afternoon and said,”Deanna before I go to bed each night I feel like there is something dark in my room, I pray for God to remove any demons, and I ask my guardian angels to protect me, but I still feel uneasy”. She paused for a moment, and I could tell the she was struggling with her emotions,”I know that God loves me and protects me, so what is wrong? Why do I feel this way”? That is because the darkness is growing stronger. It is coming toward the light. It is testing us.

Do not be discouraged because we are not to live in fear of darkness or evil. In the book of Psalms 23 it says,”Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me”.

What is the value of this simple verse? How can it help sensitive to eliminate fear and embrace power? Click here to view Deanna’s video now.

Many are awakening that have been walking in the darkness believing things that are not true. You were made as part of the body given spiritual gifts as part of a service to humanity. If you are absorbing other people’s negative energy, if you are feeling crippled, depressed, stuck, or fatigued, I invite you to join me here

Big Hugs,

We would like to invite you to hear this weeks message “how to embrace your spiritual gifts each day” live on Facebook at 7:30PM Mountain time, Tuesday, August 4, 2020. We are sure you will enjoy the laughter, wisdom, and forward thinking that only Deanna can deliver. Here is the link directly to her page so that you can click follow for real time notification. 👈

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