Angels, ANcestors, and Wisdom

In case you missed it on Facebook Live tonight, the Angels, and Ancestors had much to share…they even shared information for some of you that were not able to attend tonight. Luckily, there is a replay available.

The Angels and guides have so much to share with us during this amazing and transformative time. I could hear them talking to me before I went live on Facebook: you know that high pitch whine.

The response was amazing and an hour seemed to go by quickly. Guides gave answers for some who were not on the live tonight. To hear their wisdom, see if there is a message for you, or experience a channeling session click here 👇for the video.

Click here to watch 👉

I took a little time for R&R to get ready for this amazing week. So wonderful to be on the road again! 

R & R

👉 Thursday, September 24, 2020 at For Heaven Sakes Books in Denver from 11AM to 5PM. 303-964-9339 to get your time for a personal energy clearing session.

👉This Friday through Sunday I wll be at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver at theCrowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center.

👉October 31, 2020 The Seance is on and live at the bookstore. This has only been posted for two day and is almost sold out – 6 tickets left last I checked. Click here to get your tickets before they are all gone. 

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