It’s time to pull your purpose out of your pocket… biggest shift in your life!

This is the Biggest Energy Shift that you will see in your lifetime!

2020 has been a year full of unexpected twist and turns. It has been one energy tsunami after another. In these transformative waters we have choices: swim upstream, retreat into a fetal position, hit the challenge head on and hope for the best, OR connect with our true calling and ride the cosmic waves into an unlimited potential outcomes.

Planetary alignments are literally providing a frequency allowing you to realign your thinking, to purge your ego of all the fear that has been holding you back for years! Boo-ya!

Do not waste this energy – feel, love yourself, pray, shift, transform, and allow – and take action!!! Of course use wisdom in all things. 🙂

Feeling floaty, lost, unfocused, frozen from doing anything outside your normal routine, or doing things you normally do – but can’t. This is the time to get moving. Free yourself.

You are here at this time for a reason, and that reason is within you. It is literally coming forward and offering you the opportunity to live your best life ever no matter what you are seeing all around you.

The window of opportunity to harness these energies is short. Once this time is gone the energy supporting change and transformation will quiet down for a long time. Get moving, take your first step now by clicking here

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Deanna is a master Akashic Records reader, Energy Clearing expert, and master dowser with over 13 years in her field. She connects with the Akashic Records to shift, change, and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 7,000 clients, and demonstrates these talents in individual sessions, workshops, and online events.

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