Countdown to the Age of Aquarius

Hello Lovelies! How are you in this time of spiritual rebirth and great spiritual awakening?

There are many signs showing themselves right now as to what is real and what isn’t. It is up to us to face what is being presented to us and choose what is real and what is an illusion. In the Month of December 2020 we will experience a massive energy shift when the last of 6 eclipses takes place on the 14th: this one is a total solar eclipse.

Numerically this is an amazing time with many synchronicities of the number 2. There are 4 lunar and 2 solar eclipses in 2020. The two largest planets in the solar system Jupiter and Saturn will align in the astrological sign of Aquarius on 12-21-2020. The are two men currently in a state of flux for presidency in the U.S. The next total solar eclipse is on 12-14-2020. It seems the energies are dancing the two step. 😂 Pun intended.

If we look deeper into the birthing process of the alignment of the planets. Jupiter is benefic (greek for good do-er), while Saturn is malefic (greek for kakopoios ~ or bad-doer). This positioning has not happened in over 400 years.

What does that mean for us now, as December progresses, and into 2021? Listen as Deanna unfolds the multifaceted array of energy shifts with Akashic Records Wisdom.

If you are living in a state of fear, mistrust, or not understanding what your mission is ~ the reason that you are living in this moment in history ~ let’s have a look at your Akashic Records. If that feels comfortable to you click here to continue. Together we will find your connection point, and maybe discover where your true love is hiding. 😃

Remember stay true to the light, narrow is the way.

See you soon,


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