Countdown to the age of Aquarius – December 6, 2020

Hello it’s Deanna with your energy shift news ~On December 21,2020 Jupiter and Saturn will align – the closest conjunction since 1623. Check out for little history lesson.

As these energies align and fluctuation before snapping into their alignment like a lego ~ there will be some challenges in staying centered and balanced. What do those challenges feel like? How can you recognize them? Watch Deanna as she reveals what she is doing to stay sane. 😊

The ionosphere has a bearing on the bioelectromagnetism, so as it fluxes so will your bodies ability to be in time and space! Some of the notable changes are:

  • changes in body temperature
  • not being able to go to sleep
  • not being able to sleep
  • huge emotional swings,
  • irrational fears being prevalent in your thoughts
  • doubt and fear

Daily updates are available here as we count down

Have questions? Please post them below or send us and email. Deanna will answer your question on Tuesday Night live on Facebook. Not on Facebook, do not worry, the replay is also available on YouTube by clicking here.

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