Akashic Records reading for America & First Full Moon in Age of Aquarius

It is December 29,2020 and the 1st full moon in the Age of Aquarius!
Super exciting times! What has your experience been with the first full moon in the Age of Aquarius? Write and let me know please. In January a new book club is coming to help empaths heal narcissistic wounds. Also back will be the E-Shift Inner Circle group to discuss all the weird and wonderful new changes on a weekly basis. 💜

In this episode Deanna shares the effects of the first full moon in the Age of Aquarius, the current status of Schumann’s frequency, and reads the Akashic Records for America.

This is the 1st full moon in the Age of Aquarius and resulting energy is either lifting us up and helping us feel more clear about our lives and our choices, or we are having a hard time thinking, meditating, finishing something, or are easily angered. How you are feeling best indicates how you are doing in your spiritual and emotional growth.

Schumann Resonance show us the pulsing energies over the last two days have crescendo gradually with fmin and foE becoming more active. This is causing a destabilization in the ionosphere causing us to questions life purpose, overall energy, and mental stability.

Please watch the video not to learn more about the Akashic Records, and what they mean to your overall health right now. Plus you will learn more about America’s future and what she is struggling with now.

If you find this information useful; as well as fascinating, then please share the video with starseeds, senitives, and empaths.

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