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Large shifts in Universe, Political Unrest, high pitch whine unbearable

Large shifts in the Universe in both the political and personal arena are coming to a crescendo tomorrow January 5, 2021.

Both parties in America are focused on their game plan if their side wins. As you know I am generally quiet about this subject; however, the very future of our planet, our country, and are lives are literally hanging in the balance. No matter who claims the presidency seat our world will literally be transformed.

This combined with the large Universal shifts calls on the Starseeds, spiritually awake, highly sensitive people, and empaths to tune into the high pitch whine ~ especially when it gets unbearably loud. Watch this video to find out why. IT IS PRETTY DARN EXCITING! Also what is behind the increase in the overwhelming ringing in the ears, and what you can do about it.

Notice the fbE’s or Frequency Based Noise Coherence Function.

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