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Is He Your true Love or an ENERGY Vampire?

I am dropping in with today’s new video to talk about energy discernment.

Many sensitive people, especially women, often end up giving more time and energy in a relationship than they receive back. When this happens, simply stated, they are in a relationship with an energy vampire.

Sensitives tell themselves that is they just pour enough love into the other person for long enough, the other person will heal and magically become the love of their lives.

Maybe you have done this? Let me explain how this works.

When we are attracted to someone we automatically see the good inside them, the part of them that is just bursting to get out and be transformed into a really terrific person.

We then pour our time and energy into filling their emotional deficits while neglecting self care.

As a sensitive we watch and wait patiently for the cocoon to open and the butterfly to emerge. And much to our surprise there is no movement forward, no transformation, no appreciation for all the time and energy we put into them.

We experience self doubt in our ability to heal and give even more that we did before, all the while the vampire sucks it up. . .every last drop. How is that for a Valentine Dracula tale?

And you are left depleted, frustrated, and often is the case, depressed.

And what the sensitive doesn’t realize (and maybe this is the case for you also) is that no matter how much energy they pour into the other person, they will never be emotionally full.

Watch now to hear about how I discovered my first energy vampire and what I did to cut the strings.

If you are feeling this very same way with a person in your life and you don’t get some help to severe the drain in energy where will you be a week from now? A day from now?

In my life I have found that the best way to address this issue is to find out why you are attracting and entertaining these people in your life in the first place. Is there some karmic issue at play?

The Second best thing that I did in my life was to learn to say “no” to anyone who was draining my energy either purposefully or not.

The third best thing that I did was discovering safe boundaries, communicating them, and enforcing them when necessary.

After you watch this weeks video ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like a bad person when you make a mistake in a relationship?
  • Are you more concerned with how the other person will feel when you say no?
  • Is the person your living with using drugs or alcohol to numb out and expect you to “take care” of things?
  • Do you think that other people would go emotionally bankrupt without your constant attention?
  • Is being emotionally drained a constant state of being for you?

A partner that truly loves you is supportive, shares equally in balancing out life’s ups and downs, and is not bating you to become their only source of emotional energy.

Just a little thought for you today.

If you’d like some help making better decisions in your current relationship, or are just ready to take your power back, let’s talk..

Big Hugs,


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