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It isn’t enough to be spiritual right now. Here is why. Plus, free session – enter today for your opportunity.

In today’s new video, I am dropping a little butt kicking action.

It is not enough to be spiritual right now because the darkness is stopping light givers all over the globe with these mind benders . . .

not good enough,

not deserving enough,

not worthy enough,

who do I think I am,

not the person I thought I was,

not valuable enough . . .

to contribute big things in the world. And that is not the case.

Every single lightworker born into this planet is worthy, valuable, and good enough to bring it! Including YOU.

You can watch the video above to hear more about how to have courage in your worth, and how to take action to defeat the darkness.

The way that you transform your life from the darkness into the light more powerfully happens when you: have courage make a plan take action and remain open to spiritual guidance.

One of the things that I have started doing for months now in my own life and have shared with private clients is that we are enough, as is.

And we can in an instant ~ a twinkling of the eye ~ take our power back.

Pause the video and get a sticky note, or pull out your phone and create a reminder several times a day with the affirmation: “In my power as a child of God, I take back all my power that I have given to anyone one else, or that has been taken from me, NOW”!

Perhaps you feel that you are not strong enough, or that you could use a little guidance and support. And when that happens where do you turn? Do you have enough tools, tips, and techniques in your bag to weather the energy storm?

Let me remind you that you are worthy, you are deserving, and you are enough to have the power at your fingertips to create a magical life and defeat whatever darkness comes your way.

So today, if you are feeling you could use a little more support, a little more love, and a community of like minds. Please join us here . . .

Sending you love, hugs, and uplifting energy, XO

To enter the contest take the following steps.

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2. Post an interesting question about Akashic Records, Energy Shifts, Spiritual Awakening, the art of dowsing, spirits, entities, deceased loved ones, star seeds, or Indigo Children.

3. For bonus entry share this video with a friend or two.


What if I am already a subscriber? The put parentheses around the words (already subscribed).

How will the winner be determined? 5 of the most interesting or unique questions will be selected to be answered live on Facebook next Tuesday, March 9, 2021. At random they will be selected to win one of 3 free 30 minute sessions, or one of 2 free spots for 1 month of the Energy Shift Inner Circle.

When will I be notified? On Tuesday March 9, 2021 the winners will be announced on the video; as well as, how to claim your prize. *All decisions are final and determined by Healing Hands Network LLC.

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