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What is the pressure in your ears? 💫Do deceased loved ones talk to you?

I am dropping in with today’s new video to talk about the pressure you are feeling in your ears, along with, or separate from the high pitch whine.

Plus, you will discover more about how ghost, or deceased loved ones, speak with us.

The pressure in the ears, given that there is no physical disease, is a product of the ionosphere changing while the high pitch whine is an ability to hear a higher frequency than the average person.

There are several keys when considering communicating with deceased loved ones.

1. Have the deceased loved one crossed over to the otherside?
2. If they have not moved on, is it possible to help them cross over?
3. How does the grieving feel different when they have not crossed over than when they have?

If you are experiencing an especially hard time after the death of a loved one, I encourage you to do two things; one, seek a grief counselor, and two, consider scheduling a time with me to check on the deceased loved one.

We may be able to receive a message they have for you, or even provide them the space to cross over to the other side. If you are feeling you could use a little more support, a little more love, and a community of like minds.

Please join us here . . .

Sending you love, hugs, and uplifting energy,
XO Deanna

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