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Three ways that Angels / Guides Communicate with you

In today’s video I am sharing three ways that your Angels or Spirit Guides Communicate with you, and how to take advantage of the recent energy uplifts.

Knowing how your Angels or Guides are communicating with you can open up a whole new world of unlimited possibilities. If you know what to look for.

Listen as I explain the three ways, and give an example that may help you identify what you are already experiencing.

On March 22,2021, I saw the most unusual energy shift register on Schumann’s Resonance Frequency. Instead of a flowing vertical resonance, it appeared to be shifting and registering more as a horizontal flow.

Now we know that that is not literally true, or is it? I invite you to take a look at charts shown in yesterday’s video to determine for yourself. A still shot of each chart; as well as the video,can be found by clicking here.

The one energy that has come forward now more than ever is a distinct call to take action now!

This can simply be done by getting out of your own way, cease doubting yourself, and align with your true inner voice.

My sweet sensitives’ if you find yourself feeling stuck, and could use a direction, support, and easy to follow step by step instructions to get you out of this rut.

Then, please join us here Awaken the Power of Your Own Story or for weekly support in riding these waves and creating a new reality click here

Do you have a question, or a curiosity about ghost, deceased loved ones, or Akashic Records? Simply send me an email, I may share answer them on the next live. 



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